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Nesha Vs Rahul

Nilutpal barman Vs Banoshree

Nilutpal barman Vs Riya

Nilutpal barman Vs Jhinuk

Nilutpal barman Vs Anwesha saha

Nilutpal barman Vs Tanushree

Nilutpal barman Vs Sharmistha

Deepak singh Vs Priyanka bhandari

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Love Calculator By CodexRadar

Recognize Your True Love!

Love calculator is an online tool through which you can calculate love percentage of you and your partner.

With Love Calculator you can calculate the chances of a successful relationship between two people. This is a simple love calculator which displays love percentage based on names.

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Dear love birds! Please don't take this love percentage seriously. It is nothing but a simple mathematical calculation. In love calculator if your love percentage is low then you should increase your love towards your partner and if your love percentage is high then you should increase your love towards your partner so that your love percentage does not decrease.